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Mzuzu Coffee Planters Cooperative Union LImited


  • DSC08191
  • Coffee nursery within the farm
    About 80, 000 new Coffee trees in the nursery within the farm

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  • DSC08223
  • DSC08203
  • Cabbages being grown as one way to generating Income for the farm
    Not only is the farm doing Coffee farming, but also other crops are grown to provide the community and farm workers with food, and sell the others as one way to generate funds for financing some of the activities. Cabbages, Tomatoes, Cucumbers and Egg plants are some of the crops being grown at Usingini farm.


Usingini coffee farm is located in Nkhata-Bay District about 50km North-East of Mzuzu on slopes overlooking Lake Malawi. The farm belongs to MZCPCU and is currently under development. 137.6ha (364,000 trees) has been planted to coffee since 2011. When fully developed, the farm is expected to have about 600,000 coffee trees (240ha) and producing around 350MT of green beans. The farm also has invested in beekeeping and horticulture. The farm is expected to invest in irrigation, machines for both primary and secondary processing, housing, school and health facilities.

The farm has a potential of being developed for eco-tourism as it is lying on a beautiful, undulating landscape overlooking Tanzania on the East and less than 15km from the lake. The farm is located in a remote area and offers employment to over 150 people on monthly basis. When in full production, the farm will employ not less than 500 people and will then have a big social responsibility.